A Touch of Bespoke: Creating bespoke uniform fabrics

April, 2016

A Touch of Bespoke: Creating bespoke uniform fabrics

An exciting new project has taken over the office at Studio 104! We are currently in the process of developing a uniform range for a luxury hotel resort launching next year and what better way to add a personal touch to a luxury uniform than with a beautiful bespoke fabric?

Here at Studio 104 the product development team especially enjoys the design stage of a new uniform range; researching the heritage and everything there is to know about our client. Take a look at our essential guide to research here. We especially look forward to our design team presenting their concept, which will more often than not, include an opportunity for us to create a bespoke uniform fabric.

One of our first bespoke fabrics was for the Savoy hotel’s famous Beaufort Bar, we wanted to deliver classic pinstripe tailoring but with gold thread woven through to give a nod to the bar’s rich art deco interior. We had so much fun working with our mill to get the fabric just right.

When designing for our new project for the luxury hotel resort we were once again challenged to start from scratch to create a range of bespoke fabrics for the luxury uniform.

The process began with our very talented print design team, who created beautiful prints to be developed into one-of-a-kind jacquard fabrics for our client.

However this is not always as simple as it sounds, there are many different aspects that have to add up to get the perfect result. Meetings with the agents have to be made to match colours, select yarns and so on. Until we are finally happy with the result and we are positive that the clients will be too.

On the cutting table; our bespoke Jacquard.
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Its a long but exciting process and is well worth it when the sample fabrics arrive from the mills and we get one step further to seeing the designs become a reality.

Here is a sneak peak at four of our fabrics that have just arrived from the mill! These bespoke Islamic and feather jacquard prints have come out just how we envisaged them. We are very excited about this project and cannot wait to reveal more of the fabrics and designs as they come together to create a beautiful bespoke uniform. 

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