Say ‘Va Va Voom’ to Corporate Clothing

November, 2013

Say ‘Va Va Voom’ to Corporate Clothing

After noticing that corporate clothing was looking so very boring it became my mission to spice things up a little. I was ready to take a leap of faith and jump out of the fashion industry and into the stale, un inspiring, polyester suited world of corporate clothing. Once I had the idea of creating the best uniform design company in the world, I noticed all around me that there was an abundance of people wearing uniform, all looking so damn boring.

Click onto this link to see how clothing corporate people is a far cry from being drab Studio 104 creates flapper dresses for the cocktail waitress, bespoke, silk trimmed jackets for the head bar man and sexy, body con suits for the receptionist. I could go on and on but I don’t want to give it all away.

corporate wear My corporate clothing world allows me to work in the awe inspiring surroundings of five star hotels, amazing restaurants and magnificent sky scrapers. I live, eat and breath my love for creating such uniform that captures the imagination. Three and a half years in and I can confidently answer my own question, “is corporate clothing boring?” No, It’s the most fun I’ve ever had.

If you would like us to send you our brand, spanking new, sexy brochure then e mail today at: or call us on 0207 502 5015.


Jane Porter

Managing Director/ Founder

Studio 104



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