My Internship at Studio 104

October, 2015

My Internship at Studio 104

As part of my placement year at uni I am interning at Studio 104. I crossed paths with the director and founder of the company Jane Porter whilst in a pub in Belgravia. Jane was going for drinks with a company that my friend works at and I happened to be meeting him that evening. After chatting to Jane and discussing our mutual interest in fashion and work wear, Jane mentioned a position was available at Studio 104. It sounded fantastic and I started that Monday!

I am currently undertaking my third year at the University Of Brighton, studying Fashion Design with Business Studies. The origin in which I find inspiration for my work often varies, mostly taken from architecture and the surrounding environments. Frequently the negative space created from these locations is taken, translated and accompanied by influence from interests of mine such as painting, skating and motocross. Using that as a starting point I reference classic menswear tailoring techniques and work wear to inspire my design work.

Rob flowers design
Tailored jacket by Rob Flowers

The past month has been a bit crazy! Working at Studio 104 has really thrown me in at the deep end as I joined the company at a very busy time and also into unfamiliar circumstances. It has been pleasant change for me as my background in fashion is predominantly design, although working alongside the designers, I am also learning great amounts about product development and the other aspects that are vital to a successful company. So far it has been great fun and a steep learning curve.

It’s been an exciting first month and I look forward to seeing what the future with Studio 104 holds!


Rob Flowers

Design & PD Assistant

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