Designer Uniform

August, 2013

Designer Uniform

I am really excited to show you a great example of how striking our designer uniform looks when it has been made bespoke. Often when a staff member’s position is high-up a hotel will ask us to create an individual pattern to fit their exact body measurements. As opposed to the rest of the team wearing a stock size garment. Erik Lorincz is the American Bar’s very own head bar man and a world champion mixologist. He flies all over the world representing the Savoy hotel so looking the part has never been so paramount.

With an opportunity of exposure like this we took are uniform designer role very seriously. This outfit had to be slick, classic and most definitely a spot on fit. I hope you will agree that the photo proves that we did a great job. When we make a bespoke pattern we carry out what is called a baste fitting, where the jacket is fitted before the lining and hems are finished. I was nervous when fitting Erik. I wanted it to look great but more importantly I wanted him to be happy. He needs to exude confidence when he is competing and my uniform would play a big part in this.

Phew! Erik’s designer uniform looked amazing. He had a beaming smile from ear to ear. The fit was a little tight but that was easy to adjust as we had built in larger seams. Another subtle difference that would set him apart from his colleagues was the silk trim added to the jacket lapel. The clean lines draw the eye in and this detail creates a statement. Let’s hope when he is ‘mixing’ with his peers they ask who designed his uniform.

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