Seasonal Gift! Interview Two

December, 2014

Seasonal Gift! Interview Two

Each Tuesday leading up to Christmas this December, I will be interviewing members of the team, to share their extensive knowledge of uniform!
From the international trends we see emerging, to the five things every purchasing team should avoid when buying a uniform, you are in for a treat!

Today I sat down with Jane, the Founder and Managing Director of Studio 104. She sheds some light on the importance of a great uniform programme!


A hospitality uniform must perform technically as well as reflect brand image. Why is performance so important for a uniform?
A hospitality uniform goes through the mill, staff usually wear their garments for 8 hour shifts five times a week. This is not like wearing a high street fashion dress where the consumer would wear it 5 times a month. It has to be robust because of what the garment goes through, not only when the garment is worn, but also in its after care, so being washed daily. Therefore the technical aspect of the garment and what it’s made from is incredibly important to us.
If the client is investing money into a designed range, they need to know that the uniform will last. When we source fabrics we consider all areas of the staff’s job, and where the uniform can help them feel as comfortable as possible.

What are some of the highlights from your latest uniform launch and why?
One of the designs which I particularly love is the asymmetrical tail coat. The inspiration came from an Alexander McQueen piece, and we were looking for a modern spin on the classic Tailcoat for our latest Savoy uniform range.
The fact that the tail is positioned on the side of the body gives the girls a feminine and sexy look while developing the history of the restaurant within the uniform. This piece creates a talking point in the hotel, and has already received a lot of attention from guests.

What do you think gives Studio 104 the edge in designing uniforms? (against our competitors?
I think that our competitive edge is that we are a new generation company. As a Managing Director and Founder, I am relatively young, and because of that I have employed a young team. Our age means that we are doing things differently, we are not hemmed in by boundaries and trying to design to too many rules and I really think that makes us stand out.
Our level of service is absolutely top notch, if the client clicks their fingers, we are there to support and guide the client. Through the research I did when I set up the company, I know that uniform can be a headache for a manager, and we are there for them.
We are bringing new ideas to the market and providing a different approach as to what is possible in uniform.