The Savoy’s latest uniform launch! Studio 104 delivers Thames Foyer’s new restaurant uniforms

November, 2014

The Savoy’s latest uniform launch! Studio 104 delivers Thames Foyer’s new restaurant uniforms

At long last the day had arrived to deliver our stunning new restaurant uniforms to The Savoy Hotel. As part of our service when we deliver a uniform range, we fit the final garments on the staff to ensure that there are no fit issues, and all the staff are happy with their new uniform.

The Thames Foyer is the third area in The Savoy hotel to have a Studio 104 uniform. Known as the ‘heart of the hotel’ this restaurant is world renowned for its delicious afternoon Tea, and we feel so privileged to have won this prestigious design contract.

9 am Monday Morning -We arrived at The Savoy with our delivery waiting for us at the main entrance, our beautiful branded boxes were ready on the Porters Trolleys ready to follow us into the fitting area. We were greeted at the entrance by the lovely Savoy doorman, who recognised Jane instantly, and welcomed us inside.

The Savoy provided a luxurious function room in The Simpson restaurant, the room was filled with nostalgia and portraits of famous patrons.  Every time we visit The Savoy we discover more and more history, which could be inspiration for their next uniform!

One by one the Thames Foyer staff arrived to collect their new uniform, and their excitement was wonderful to watch. We can’t say too much about the uniform before its formal launch in December, but each uniform holds some Savoy history. Before they left we asked them to try on their new restaurant uniforms, so that the Studio 104 team could check each garment fitted perfectly. Due to our meticulous planning there were no big adjustments, only a few trouser legs to lengthen and one very petite girl to attend to. We even got the ‘outsize’ people’s uniform spot on, after not even being able to fit them in the first fit meeting.

The day was a real success, with the Director of Food and Beverage arriving to see the progress. He came at the right moment, with a Thames Foyer host being fitted in her gorgeous new dress, she was delighted with her glamorous new uniform! Seeing the staff elated was lovely, and after a year of hard work to produce this uniform, it truly is rewarding!

The new uniform pictures will be up on our website soon.

The Thames Foyer uniform delivery!A sneak peek at The Savoy's latest uniform launch!Studio 104's Ella selecting uniform for staff to try onThe Savoy's new uniform ready to be tried on by the excited staff

Ella Ramsden, Buying and Design Administrative Assistant

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