Restaurant Uniforms: Studio 104 goes backstage at Quaglino’s launch to fit their new restaurant uniforms.

October, 2014

Restaurant Uniforms: Studio 104 goes backstage at Quaglino’s launch to fit their new restaurant uniforms.

The soft launch of Quaglino’s last month featured the new restaurant uniforms designed by Studio 104.

It’s been very hectic for us all at Studio 104. I’ve only just managed to write about the newly refurbished Quaglino’s restaurant and their soft launch! Delivery to the restaurant went smoothly, we all got stuck in, organising the uniforms by each employee’s name. We then went along to fit each person into their new uniforms. Seeing Quaglino’s new restaurant interior for the first time was breath taking. The atmosphere oozes old school glamour, the soft lighting illuminates the black and gold interior beautifully. Backstage the staff are awaiting their new uniforms with baited breath. As we arrive the uniforms are already hanging up in their room, it’s time for each person to be called in. One by one people trickle past the uniform room, picking up their bag and heading to the changing rooms. Their reactions are a delight to witness, they all love their new restaurant uniforms! We have worked on these uniforms for months, and finally seeing the staff getting ready for their first shift is exciting. All at once the changing room is full of people and the volume increases. We help them with their bespoke cufflinks, and their bow ties. Most surprisingly the women are the fastest to get ready, and they are already front of house walking their new shoes in.

Finally all the men are ready; they beam as they catch their reflection in the mirrors. Their new Studio 104 uniforms look decidedly dashing on each one of them. The hints of gold add a touch of glamour to the sharp tailoring. Every aspect of the Quaglino’s restaurant uniform soft launch went smoothly, and the uniforms were no exception. Quaglino’s is back.


To find out more about Studio 104’s process from brief to delivery, take a look at our exclusive uniform design section.

A Quaglino's Bar Manager in his Studio 104 Uniform
A Quaglino’s Bar Manager in his Studio 104 Restaurant Uniform
Quaglino's Hostess' in their Studio 104 dresses
Quaglino’s Hostess’ in their Studio 104 dresses
Inside Quaglino's
Inside Quaglino’s

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