Bespoke Uniform

June, 2013

Bespoke Uniform

Up at the crack of dawn, bleary eyed but ready to rock this photo shoot for the new bespoke uniform at the Savoy Hotel.  The theme is 1960’s, mad men sophistication with a dash of contemporary spirit.  The photographer and Jane (Studio 104 MD) are planning the sequence of the photo shoot, interns are excitedly dashing around and armed with needle and thread, I swiftly prepare the trouser hems for our model, Ed.

The uniforms bespoke design is crucial to this contract because the Savoy’s American Bar won World’s no.1 Bar at the Oscars of the drink world, 2011.  We’re under pressure as doors are set to open 11.30am sharp.  Only two hours to go, the photographer has a mission to work around the mass of mirrors, which is causing multiple reflection glares on the photos.  Everyone is intensely watching the laptop screen…Hopefully we’ll pull some goodies out of the bag.

Managing Director, Mr Macdonald pops in to check out the new bespoke uniform for his iconic bar.  In between the business conversation, lights flash in the background and cocktails are poured…Just when we start to feel behind a movie set – BAM – we’re out in ten minutes flat.  Not a trace.  The doors are now open, ready to welcome the public.

Elise Gustilo – Designer

American Bar Uniform