Uniform fabrics everywhere…

October, 2013

Uniform fabrics everywhere…

We’re working on a new uniform for the High Tea area of one of our largest clients.  My head is absolutely spinning.  It’s the fabric selection stage and I’ve just pulled out all the fabric drawers and started ruffling through to see if I can find any goodies.

For the uniform, the fabric must be absolutely robust as the waiters and waitresses will be doing all sorts of acrobatics as they lift, bend and tidy.  I sadly put away a gorgeous pure wool suiting.  Maybe I can put it forward for the hot host outfits.

So I’ve whittled it down to a uniform grey poly wool suiting with maybe about 2% elastane…Marles are a definite no no due to shading issues and our garment tech has advised no more than 2-3% stretch, as the lycra/elastane starts to break down after a few rounds of industrial cleaning.  That’s when the white threads show… I can’t wait to start digging through our trim box though – that’s when I start to see the designs popping to life.

Elise Gustilo – Designer

Trims used for designer uniform

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