Going for Gold!

August, 2016

Going for Gold!

Tuesday 16th August marked the day Great Britain won nine medals in the Rio 2016 Olympics, the most golds won on a single day in Rio so far!

As a celebration and to show our support we’ve dug out some of our favourite gold accessories that go with our luxury uniforms. We see these accessories as our very own medals and symbols of our own achievement due to the thought that went into their design and creation. The accessories are all bespoke and feature an aspect of the client’s heritage or culture.

Our gold uniform accesories
Our bespoke gold uniform accessories

The Thames Foyer in The Savoy hotel, known as the ‘Heart of the Hotel’ is famous for its delicious afternoon tea. Our gold intricate bird shaped cuff links to offset our luxury uniform were inspired by a heart-warming story of a young girl’s visit to the hotel in 1918.  The girl stayed at the hotel with her family and after a visit to Covent Garden, she was horrified by men selling song birds in cages as she felt they were imprisoned. After convincing her nanny to buy them all she took them back to the hotel and released them in the Thames Foyer!


Our gold cat brooch worn by the hostess’ at the decadent Kaspar’s restaurant and bar in The Savoy was similarly inspired by our learning of events that took place in the hotel. In 1898 the diamond magnate Woolf Joel died. Prior to his death he held a dinner at The Savoy for fourteen people, however, at the last minute someone cancelled and a very superstitious guest decided whoever left the table first would meet their death. After this happened The Savoy made the decision to create a sculpture of a cat to sit at every table of thirteen!

The American Bar, also at The Savoy Hotel, was one of the first places
in Europe to introduce American-style cocktails to the industry. It is known well-known as one of the most prestigious bars in London. The bar is the definition of ‘retro glamour’ and our gold cocktail shaker cuff links add a shot of this showbiz style to the barmen’s luxury uniform.

The American Bar at The Savoy male and female uniform
The American Bar at The Savoy male and female uniform

The opulent Savoy Beaufort Bar, home to theatrical evenings of Cabaret and Burlesque inspired us to approach a mill to develop this exclusive extravagant black herringbone fabric with gold pinstripe for their bespoke uniform.

The Dorchester Hotel is part of The Dorchester Collection, a set of ten luxury hotels around the world, has its very own crest that we had printed onto an amazing gold fabric. This same print is similarly featured on the tailored lining throughout our luxury bespoke uniform designs.

Dorchester crest on luxury gold fabric



Quaglino’s, a luxury restaurant in Mayfair known for its royal connections and heritage. The restaurant was impressively the first place the Queen ventured to outside the palace and this is a good measure of the quality and atmosphere you can expect. Our hexagonal black and gold cuff link coordinates perfectly with the art-deco style interior and glitzy uniform.

Our uniform in action at The American Bay in The Savoy
Quaglinos bar tenders in their Studio 104 uniform


The luxury resort, the Mondrian Doha in Qatar opening later in 2016 is the ‘place to see

Mondrian Doha Nightclub Hostess Uniform
The Nightclub hostess in her Studio 104 uniform with our gold tassel belt

and be seen, where image is everything’. With decadent and showy as key words in our minds we designed this gorgeous gold tasseled belt with our expert supplier to pair with the sophisticated, luxury women’s jumpsuit worn by the nightclub hostesses.