Management Today interviews Studio 104’s Jane Porter

July, 2016

Management Today interviews Studio 104’s Jane Porter

Our Managing Director Jane Porter was interviewed on Tuesday by Management Today, a renowned business magazine, following her talk at their event, the Inspiring Women conference in Edinburgh on the 17th of March this year. This interactive and engaging event is a celebration of women in business, entrepreneurship and corporate leadership where the speakers give their personal stories and business insights.

Management today contacted Jane asking to interview her as they were impressed with how her talk in Edinburgh took a more informal, funny approach. She emphasised how she believes it is so important to play by your own rules when creating a business, and this is exactly what she did, as well as working hard to overcome the problems she encountered along the way. She summed it up with her words of wisdom, “You can do anything as long as you’ve got the confidence” and “organise your day from the night before.”

The interview took place in the London office and was appropriately titled ‘Against all the odds’! She gave an insight into how despite the pitfalls and challenges she came across early on in her career, her determination to succeed is reflected in the success of Studio 104 today.

Management Today photo shoot with managing director Jane in the Studio 104 office
Management Today photo shoot with Managing Director Jane in the Studio 104 office

On reflection, Jane said the interview felt like a milestone in her career and she saw it as a moment of clarity; the realisation that someone wanted to interview her in order to write about her career in their magazine. She described it as a very real, proud moment in her career, and realised her dream business had finally become a reality.

Jane’s interview will be featured in the September issue of Management Today and she will be speaking at the upcoming Inspiring Women conference on Thursday the 16th of November at 155 Bishopsgate.

Click here to read the interview from Jane prior to her talk at the conference in March 2016.

And click here for more information on the upcoming Inspiring Women conference in November this year.

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