Revive your uniform: The Bespoke Apron

October, 2015

Revive your uniform: The Bespoke Apron

Take it from us, the apron is the superstar garment taking the service industry by storm.

The bespoke apron is a versatile piece that can and will revive a simple uniform from drab to artisan. We’ve experienced a huge surge in demand for bespoke aprons, and even on a tight budget, a bespoke apron is a cost effective way of making the staff look like a team.

Since we have just delivered a beautiful bespoke apron to an iconic London establishment, we thought we should share some advice on choosing the right apron.

The Artisan Apron:

A very popular style at the moment, head to any east London bar and coffee shop, and the barista will surely be wearing a beautifully trimmed apron. Bridal leather is a great addition as it is strong and will age well with the garment.

Bridal leather creates a great contrast to Selvedge denim

The Utility Apron:

An apron will not only be a stylish addition to a uniform, but practical too. Neat pockets and tabs allow staff to swiftly hide their tools of the trade as they serve customers.

Pockets ensure staff tidy their tools away

The Minimal Apron:

This style is a garment in it’s own right, it looks sleek and effortless, even better still- it’s one size fits all.

Cross Back Muji Apron

The Statement Apron:

And what a statement that is!

Martin Margiela aw2015 2
Shocking Blue- Martin Margiela aw2015

The Fashion Apron:

These aprons featured in our apron obsessions blog

‘We started seeing aprons everywhere, even in the pre Autumn Winter presentations, Maison Martin Margiela created deconstructed garments with heavy cottons and denim.’

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Maison Martin Margiela SS 2015


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