Studio 104 gains a new member!

August, 2015

Studio 104 gains a new member!

Studio 104 welcomed a new member, Isabelle Goualin! After working for the luxury brand Burberry for four years, Isabelle joined the team product development team and we wouldn’t have it any other way.



What was it about Studio 104 that made you want to work for the company?

It’s really funny how I came across the job post for my role. It was on Valentine’s day, I remember this exactly! I was casually browsing the net for job opportunities when I came across the post for Studio 104. After reading the job spec my immediate reaction was ‘Uniform, hmm interesting…’ It really captured me. My immediate impression was that Jane had created a great business model and was doing something quite refreshing that attracted me. This industry has never been more image conscious and it’s clear that Studio 104 has caught on to the vast potential there is to offer; you simply cannot overestimate how integral staff image is, as part of the whole image and brand identity. What set Studio 104 apart was that Jane had identified a key gap in the market for unique and iconic uniforms. She is clearly passionate in her mission to design and produce well-crafted uniforms that last, without compromising the design or quality.


How long have you been here now?  And how are you adapting to the busy Studio 104 environment?

I have been here for 4 months and two weeks exactly. I am actually really happy with the pace of things at the moment. Consciously aware that we’re very much in the ‘calm before the storm’ and the floodgates will soon open wide. We currently have about five to six high profile projects about to commence. My priority is of course to keep the process running as smoothly as possible with the challenge of working to different project timelines and managing client expectations. Currently, we’re at the design development phase and provided everything is prepared for what could be our busiest year yet then I think it is set to be a really interesting time.


What’s been your favourite moment thus far? 

Honestly, I’ve had lots of little favourite moments. What I have really enjoyed is sourcing new suppliers and building on our supply strategy. A lot of this meant that we’ve had to look into our current supply base and identify any weaknesses and focus on where we are missing out on some key product gaps. So that’s been a great exercise which has resulted in us forming some fantastic partnerships and so far they are really delivering! The particular range that I am really proud of at the moment is for a very prestigious London hotel, we’ve created some really cool fitted chinos with a lovely peachy hand-feel which I just love! And we’re pairing with them with great striped shirts, and sophisticated bow ties and our super-duper aprons. I liked the eccentricity of the collection. It’s a fun range but also beautifully designed and well produced. But I am most proud of the chinos! They came in really great and are from an excellent new supply partner.



I know it’s hard to decide, but which of the previous briefs and final designs makes you wish you had joined the company sooner?

The Landmark PLC brief! I’ve been going on about it since I started. If I’m entirely being honest with you, it was actually that photo-shoot that swayed me when I was gathering information about the company. When I saw the suit on the website, my first reaction was oh my, now that is an impeccable suit! The attention to detail and the fit was faultless. It was the precision tailoring that stood out for me and I think one can immediately tell about the quality of a product by its design and cut. I immediately wanted to produce and develop a product like that.


Describe your experience at Studio 104 in three words.

Fun, is that too much of a cliché? Exciting and challenging. This opportunity has helped broaden my experience whilst pushed me beyond my comfort zone.


Can you tell us a little bit about what’s to come in the future at Studio 104?

Goodness, what’s not to come! Without telling too much, because there is so much taking place right now. We are massively growing in size, it’s incredible, we are multiplying our client base at an exponential rate. We’re planning on re-locating soon.The team itself is growing; we’re working with incredible designers and as I previously mentioned some fantastic suppliers. We are working with some of the most prestigious clients in the industry. The sky is just the beginning.

Thanks for reading! Keep checking our blog to keep updated with the exciting things we’re doing at Studio 104 and our latest hospitality news.


Written by Rianne Hayman – Product Developer Admin Assistant 

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