Designer Uniform

June, 2013

Designer Uniform

I am really excited about this Wednesday as we will be shooting our latest designer uniform contract in all it’s glory. It’s going to be a full on day, as we are set to shoot two complete projects in two different locations in only one day. The first location is the Savoy’s American Bar and the afternoon shoot is at the magnificent Heron Tower. Two locations and two very different looks.

Since I started Studio 104 it has always been extremely important to me that we capture each uniform design within the context of the project. When we enter into a contract with a client we go through a very in-depth process.

After we have understood the brief for the designer uniform we carry out the research and start to sketch up the designs. The sketches then turn into CAD’s, the CAD’s are transformed into real life garments and the final result is an amazing image. Boom! We have captured the entire process from start to finish. I sometimes look up at the beautiful photographic shots that are framed on our studio wall and feel proud of the wonderful uniform that we have created.

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