Professional Clothing Awards – Studio 104 Shortlisted to Win

January, 2014

Professional Clothing Awards – Studio 104 Shortlisted to Win

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The phone rang. It was Yvette Ashby MD of the Professional Clothing Awards. “Studio 104 has been short listed to win two awards. You go girl! You had better get a table booked at the awards dinner.

Elise looked at me as my beaming smile was a tell tail sign. No sooner had I put the phone down then we were jumping for joy. Being recognised by the most prestigious awards in the uniform industry is a great thing. We have known for a while how good we are at unique design but does anyone else know? In the past few years there has barely been time to do any PR. We are working too hard on doing to the doing.

Well now our time has come. 2014 is the year to shout it from the roof tops, “Here we are. We are doing things differently. If you want luxury uniform that challenges the norm, form a orderly que behind the buyers who want something amazing. Click here to take a sneak peak.